Great news to report!  Another Fowler Rotarian has purchased a 2012 Indiana Rotary License Plate.  Congratulations to Aggie DeBruicker for applying for an Indiana Rotary License Plate, to show her support and pride in being a Rotarian in our great state, and especially in our community.

Aggie joins the ranks of other Fowler Rotarians like Dan McKay Porat, Linda Bennett, Jack Duncan, Steve Sorenson, and former Rotarian Tina Sue Martin to purchase one of the Rotary specialty plates.  Together they represent about 20% of our membership.  Therefore, we have plenty of room to grow that number of plates.  There are other Rotarians in Benton County, representing Boswell Rotary with the Indiana Rotary plates as well, on their vehicles.

It is a very simple process to apply at your local BMV branch office, or go directly online through the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles to apply.  The best news is, that our club receives a donation back from each Rotary specialty plate purchased by Fowler Rotarians every year, to help with various community projects.  Show your pride in being a Rotarian, and show your support by signing up to get your Indiana Rotary License Plate today!