The 2012 General Election Day across this great nation is Tuesday, November 6th.  The polls are open from 6 am - 6 pm local time, here in the great State of Indiana.  We encourage everyone to take the opportunity to cast their ballot for the national, state, county and local town elections.  There are locations throughout the county, depending on where you reside, to cast your vote. 

In the Fowler area, Center Township precincts, the polling location will be at the Benton County Annex Building, located at 410 S. Adeway Road in Fowler.  For residents outside the Fowler area, please check the local Benton Review newspaper, for locations where you live, or contact the Benton County Clerk's office at (765) 884-0930 for additional information.  All registered voters of Benton County are eligible to vote.

Many have fought and died to give us this right that we have.  It is up to us to take just a little time out of the day, to preserve that right, and to have a voice in who our national, state and local leaders should be.  Please take the opportunity to vote for the candidates of your choice on Tuesday, November 6th.  GO VOTE!!!