District Governor Floyd Lancia and District Literacy Chair Dan Keilman, from the Chesterton/Porter Rotary Club, are pleased to announce the new Governor's Citation Award for 2009-10 Club Literacy Projects.

The goal is to support and encourage all clubs in the district to learn about literacy and educational issues in our communities, and to help increase access to learning opportunities for those in need.

What is Literacy?

Traditionally, literacy is defined as a persons ability to read and write. It can also include functional abilities, like using a computer, understanding how to prevent certain diseases, or reading signs in a market place.

Literacy is Important

Literacy empowers people and is essential for community development. Literate populations are more likely economically, live healthier lives, and be more peaceful.

The Global Situation

Nearly 800 million people worldwide over the age of 15 can neither read or write. Women and girls account for about 64 percent of this group. Nearly half of all children in Africa will not complete secondary school.

There will be 12 different opportunities available to qualify for the citation. Clubs may choose and complete any two (2) from among the programs listed to qualify for recognition as a Literacy Rotary Club for 2009-10. All required data must be submitted to the District Literacy Chair prior to April 5, 2010. The literacy awards will be presented at the District 6540 Conference (Celebration) on April 30 - May 1, 2010 at Fort Wayne, IN.

I'm sure we will be hearing more about this in the near future.