An update from District Governor Mike Crabill: 

On March 4, I spoke with Rotary District Governor Paul Stanley who heads the southernmost 1/3 of Indiana for District 6580.  I inquired as to what the Rotarians from our district could do to help.  He responded that there are sufficient resources available right now that additional efforts are not required.  He has been in close contact with the major relief agencies.  The Rotary clubs of D6580 want to work on a project that we can all join in to accomplish.  He asked that we be patient until they complete their planning.  If your club wishes to take on an assistance project I do not wish to discourage you.  I just want you to know that the Rotary clubs of Southern Indiana will be asking for our help down the road.  FYI.  We did not have any Rotary clubs in the most affected communities, but they were just a few miles down the road.

We appreciate knowing that we as fellow Rotarians in the great Hoosier State, are looking into ways to assist our fellow Hoosiers in a time of real need.  We look forward to finding out more about the project in the near future.