As a Rotarian in the State of Indiana, you can get an official Rotary license plate to proudly display on your car, truck, or motorcycle.  But, we need your help, as Rotarians, to purchase them. 

If you want to show your support for Rotary in Indiana, you can get a Rotary license plate to proudly display on your car, truck or motorcycle.  You don't have to be a Rotary member, but if you are, some of the proceeds from the license plate will go to our local Rotary club.

It's much easier to get a Rotary license plate.  When you are ready to renew your license plate, you will be able to select a Rotary plate directly at the BMV, or on the BMV web site. 

There is a minimum of 500 vehicle license plates that must be sold in any given year, to keep the special plates available from year to year.  So please consider signing up for one to put on your vehicle this year.

We understand that you can personalize it, just pick your favorite number, if it is available, or take the next plate number that comes up when applying.


Announcing the 2014




Indiana Rotary License Plate Program Challenge





License Plates Sales District Challenge


First Place:                 $2000


Second Place:            $1000


Third Place:                $   500





Prize money will be awarded based on the percent of license plate sales by District membership.  The total number of plates sold by county within each District is determined from July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 and divided by the number of members in the District at the end of June 2014.  The District with the greatest percentage of sales/members will be awarded the first place prize.  Districts with the second and third place percentages will also receive prize awards as listed above.  Prize money will be awarded to the 2013-14 District Governors in July 2014 to be used for a charitable purpose within Indiana.

How to order your Rotary License plate:   Online at the myBMV website or visit your local Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) branch office.

Cost per plate:  $40 ($25 group fee, $15 administrative fee)  The group fee is used to fund Indiana college scholarships and education initiatives.  Low-digit plates (1 - 100) are still available at an additional cost of $30.

Proud to be a Rotarian in Indiana =  Priceless!!

(In 2012, sales increased to 278 plates.  Our challenge is to increase sales again to “500 plates”  so we can keep the Rotary License Plate alive and well in Indiana, with your help!!)


In Addition, Support for the RI End Polio Now Campaign


For each Rotary License plate sold between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014, the Columbus Sunrise Rotary Club will donate $1 to The Rotary Foundation on behalf of your District 6540, to support the “End Polio Now” initiative:


License plate sales will be tracked for each District:  6540, 6560, 6580


A check for the amount equal to the number of plates sold in each District will be sent to The Rotary Foundation on a quarterly basis (October, January, April & July)


> The check will identify the District (6540, 6560, 6580) to receive credit for the donation


Each District Governor will be notified of the amount of the donation on a quarterly basis.





If you would like more information, please contact:    Cindy Green at  or Trish Moore at (812) 371-3243.