By Dan Keilman - District Literacy Chairman

Rotary's fundamental purposes include the development of productive workers, good citizens, good parents, servant leaders, and self-actualized adults who can live the Rotary principles. All of these purposes recognize the fact that no matter how troubled a society is, its growth and progress are dependent on its citizens' ability to read and write. In other words, its basic literacy. Today, over one billion adults and children are illiterate. This number is rising, even in our own state and communities.

Our District Governor and Administrative Council are committed to improving literacy in our District. Such progress will be defined by literacy projects by each club. Literacy goals could, in fact, be a part of each club activity. Specific information on literacy projects can be gained from the International and district websites. A club that participates in at least two projects, as defined in information regarding literacy efforts, will receive recognition from DG Floyd, as well as recognition at the annual Convention. Record of the reports must be sent to Dan Keilman at 1242 Redbud Drive in Chesterton on or before April 15, 2010. For questions, call (219) 926-5872 or e-mail