Fowler, Indiana is a town of about 2,400 people located in Benton County in rural Northwest Indiana. Fowler is an agricultural community known for its rich fertile soil that produces near record crops of corn and soybeans every year. Thus, the self proclaimed title for Benton County - the "Soybean Capitol of the World."

The nearest large cities are Lafayette, IN and West Lafayette, IN, the home of Purdue University, located approximately 30 miles away.

Some of the major highways that service the Benton County area, including Fowler, are U.S. Highways 52 and 41, Indiana State Roads 18 and 55.

Our economy is largely agricultural; however, 30 percent of the local work force commutes to jobs outside of Benton County. Fowler is the county seat of Benton County. The population of Benton County is just under 10,000.

Over the last several years, the Town of Fowler has been actively working to revitalize its business corridors in an effort to reverse the trend of declining economic viability. With the approval and support of the town, a volunteer group of concerned citizens was formed to reverse the decline and correct the conditions in the downtown area. The volunteers have concentrated their efforts on beautification, self-promotion, and economic restructuring of the town as they joined the Indiana Main Street organization. This group contracted with the School of Architecture and Landscape Design at Ball State University to make suggestions about how the appearance of the downtown area could be improved by doing relatively low cost improvements to the buildings. Recently the town completed the construction of a new street-scape. It is the hope that by improving the aesthetics and increasing the traffic in the downtown area, more people will move to Fowler while attracting and retaining more business investment.

The latest major change in the Benton County area is the construction of wind turbines throughout the county. It has brought may workers and staff from outside the state to reside in our area during this time of positive change. Benton County is the first county in Indiana to have wind turbines, and may be the largest number constructed in any county in the Midwest.

We are also proud of our public school system in the Benton Community School Corporation. Our elementary students attend Prairie Crossing, and our Junior High and Senior High school students attend Benton Central. We are also fortunate to have a private elementary school opportunity in Sacred Heart Elementary School located in Fowler.

We are proud to have several community churches to choose from, various veteran's organizations, a beautiful town park, renovated swimming pool, and recreational sports opportunities.

Our community would welcome the opportunity to have any businesses consider relocating to our area, or any new business establish their start-up in our community.

If you are looking for a quiet community to move your family to, or to retire in, we hope that you will consider Benton County, and especially our hometown community of Fowler, IN.