Today, we were honored to host several area Veteran's at our first Veteran's Appreciation Day meeting in celebration of Veteran's Day, 2010. 

The local veteran's groups, such as the Amvets, the American Legion and VFW had some of their members in attendance at our meeting.
The following is a list of our honored special guests who were either drafted or enlisted and when they served, be it at home or overseas, during war and peace:  Eileen Schwartz - US Navy, WW II;  Keith Schellenberger - US Army & National Guard;  Don Blankman - US Army, Korean Conflict;  Harold Furr - US Navy, WW II;  Dick Ripberger - US Army, Peace Time; Dave Dorsey - US Army, Korean Conflict; Jerry Budreau - US Military;  Kevin Senesac - US Navy & current National Guard;  Bob Rettig - Vietnam War time; & Jim Hardebeck - joined Army Reserves out of high school, then served 7 1/2 yrs in US Army.  Then we had two Rotarians present who have served:  Jack McGinnis - US Navy, WW II and Dave Guthridge - US Army Reserves.  Rotarian Dr. Steve Martin is also a veteran, but was unable to attend the meeting.  

Each veteran joining us this week was given the opportunity to tell us what branch of service they were in, or are currently serving in, along with the opportunity to share any experience they wished to share.  Some shared some very interesting stories and experiences.  They also shared some memorabilia from their time in the service.

Being a veteran is an experience that stays with you the rest of your life, both the good, with the closeness, respect and camaraderie that develops with your brothers and sisters in arms, and the bad.  The horrors of war are well-documented and affect each individual soldier differently. 

Most or our brave soldiers left as boys and girls, but when they returned home they were men and women.  We salute the brave men and women, who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  "All gave some, some gave All".  Thank you for fighting for our freedoms!

This was a great day for our Rotary club and our community to show our honor, respect and appreciation to our veterans.  We provide them with their lunch, and even had a special cake made with an American Flag on it, thanking our Veteran's for the service to our country. 

Just think of how much good one person can do by thanking a veteran today, tomorrow, and the next day.  Everyday is worthy of being Veteran's Day.  May God bless our veterans and our troops currently serving, and God bless America!