This is Your Opportunity to Share Your Thoughts and Ideas!

District Governor Steve Sorenson would like to hold a district-wide Young Professional Leaders Summit for Rotarians between the ages of 25 to 40, with the opportunity to share their thoughts about their Rotary experiences, to reflect on their Rotary stories, and exchange ideas.  The aim is to have participants engage in open and candid discussions about what is working now in Rotary, ideas for improvements, and ways to extend their positive experiences with Rotary to young professionals throughout our district and around the world.

Many times we hear young professionals say that they are never asked how Rotary can better attract and engage their specific generations.  One of the main goals of this proposed summit will be to give these young leaders within our district a voice in this important conversation and then really listen to their ideas and strategies on how the Rotary experience can be enhanced for the younger generations, and the future of Rotary.

Once again, if you are between the ages of 25 to 40, and you have an interest in participating in this proposed summit, please email District Governor Steve Sorenson at and we will then determine a potential date and location for this special opportunity.  Please respond by Monday, May 11, if you are interested.