We have taken on the personal search to find the old Fowler black & white film that Art Korbe had made several years ago.  We believe it was a 16 mm film on a reel in a metal movie container.  To our knowledge, Art always had it in his possession until he became ill and then later passed away.  Our club has viewed this film at least a couple of times several years ago.
We have contacted former Rotarian and local businessman Dave Dorsey to see if he might know where it might be.  We have checked with Rotarian Sandy Furr to see if they have it at the public library.  We have contacted the Benton County Historical Society to see if they might have it.  We have also talked to Harold Furr about it.  He believes that someone may have borrowed it from him, but never returned it, but he is not sure.  Needless to say, it is still missing.

We thought having this film copied on DVD might be a great Rotary project to preserve the history of our community.  We would still like to pursue that possibility, if we can locate the film.  So if you can help get the word out that the Fowler Rotary Club is looking for that old Fowler black & white film, it would be greatly appreciated.

It is the only old history that we know exist on film about our great community and the history of its businesses.  I think it is worth trying to find.  So your help would be greatly appreciated in asking around to see if anyone might know of its whereabouts.  Hopefully we will locate it and then be able to do a great project with it for our Rotary club and our community. So if you know where this film may be located, please contact any Fowler Rotarian.