Do you truly appreciate the significance of being a part of this glorious past and present? As Rotarians, you are special people and millions around the world would be happy to confirm that fact.

What is a Rotarian?

• A Rotarian is a person who digs wells from which they will never drink,

• A person who vaccinates children they will never meet,

• Who restores sight for those they will never see,

• Who builds houses they will never live in,

• Who educates children they will never know,

• Who plants trees they will never sit under,

• Who feeds hungry people, regardless of race, religion or politics,

• Who makes crawlers walk half a world away,

• Who knows real happiness, which as Albert Schweitser said, can only be found by serving others.


Fellow Rotarians will remind us that we had an opportunity to say "no" when we were asked to become a Rotarian. When we are asked to undertake a Rotary task, our inclination ought to be to say "yes." A Rotarian ought not to wait to be asked. He or she should exercise initiative, looking for opportunities to serve the club, the community and the world. Rotarians should try to participate in all five Avenues of Service, even if he or she concentrates on one or two of them. A Rotarian should embrace the 4-Way Test, the Object of Rotary, high ethical standards and the various credos and motto's of the organization. We should realize that other Rotarians need and deserve our support in adversity and in Rotary work. We are a family "united in peace and dedicated to service."

Shape the Future of Rotary by just saying "Yes":

* Yes, I will lead that project

* Yes, I will be there to assist my fellow Rotarians at the various fundraisers

* Yes, I will bring in a new member

* Yes, I will share my ideas and my resources to make my club stronger

Rotarians truly lead by example! Come join us!