District Governor-Elect Steve Van Scoik, a member of the Concord Rotary Club, recently announced some new appointments to serve as Assistant District Governor's throughout Rotary District 6540, with their term beginning July 1, 2010.  

He was pleased to announce that Rotarian Steve Sorenson, from the Fowler Rotary Club, has been named to fill an Assistant Governor's position.  The clubs that Steve has been assigned to serve with this appointment, are the Boswell, Fowler and Otterbein clubs.  He currently serves the Fowler Rotary Club as their Club Secretary and as the Foundation Chairperson.  Steve is also currently serving as a member of the District 6540 Administration Council, representing the western third of the district.  Steve will be attending the Assistant Governor Training Seminar on February 20th. He will also be attending the Multi-District PETS session March 18 - 20 in Kalamazoo, MI for additional training, and the opportunity to meet Club Presidents from throughout the District.


Currently, the Assistant Governor position in this area, is held by Rotarian Al Hefner, from the Otterbein Rotary Club, who's term will expire on June 30, 2010.  Al has served our area clubs the last few years, with great pride and enthusiam about Rotary.  Al also serves the Otterbein club in the important role as their Club Secretary.  We thank Al for his dedicated service to Rotary, and look forward to his continued participation and service to the Otterbein Rotary Club, and to District 6540.  Hopefully he will continue to be a visiting Rotarian at our club meetings from time to time.

In making the appointment, DGE Steve Van Scoik stated the the Assistant Governor position is a key link between the District Governor and the Club Presidents.  When the District Governor needs a special action or to communicate a special event, they will often depend on the AG to communicate that message to the presidents.  AG's are requested to visit each club a minimum of once quarterly, more often when possible.

Rotarian Phil Brown, from the Wabash Rotary Club, was appointed to serve as the new District AG Coordinator beginning July 1st.  Phil has the responsibility of communicating and directing AG's with the needs of the District.  Phil will be replacing DGN Mike Crabill, from the Elkhart Morning Rotary Club, who is preparing to serve our clubs as District Governor in 2011-12.

Congratulations to all of the fine Rotarians named above on their recent service, and future commitment to serve all of the Rotarians in this area, and throughout Rotary District 6540.